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Malvazinky rehabilitation clinic

is one of the most prestigious rehabilitation clinics in Central Europe. We provide the highest quality orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation in addition to a wide range of out-patient and in-patient care.

We have a unique approach to post-operative care which ensures surgical success through our world class rehabilitation programs and relaxing atmosphere.

Malvazinky - your partner in medical care
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Graham Normand from United Kingdom talks about his stay - about the operation and follow-up rehabilitation

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Care for your health is in the best hands - Rehabilitation Clinic Malvazinky and out-patient Clinic Castle Malvazinky.

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We would like to kindly invite you to The Day of Health which will take place on Sunday 8 June 2014 between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at Žluté lázně. We have prepared a packed day for you and your kids!

1) Exercise to combat back pain with a physiotherapist from the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic.
2) OraQuick saliva HIV (AIDS) and hepatitis C tests. Test...

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